Understanding the Expertise of a
Professional Geriatric Care Manager

What is a Professional Geriatric Care Manager (GCM)?
Professional Geriatric Care Managers (also referred to as Aging Life Care Professionals) are trained health and human service professionals. A Professional Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) has specific education, experience, and training to work with older adults coping with chronic illness, frailty, disabilities, or dementia, to support older adults' quality of life and well-being, and help elders maximize their abilities and participate in activities that provide pleasure and meaning in their lives.

How can a Professional GCM help me?
GCMs can help you by assessing your loved one's care needs, and working with you to develop an individualized care plan to address your particular needs and goals.

How do I Know if a GCM Can help me?
Help May be Needed if You Are Concerned about Your Loved One's:

  • Safety and ability to live at home
  • Ability to care for himself/herself (including bathing and eating)
  • Judgment, particularly when taking medication or using the stove
  • Ability to manage bills and household tasks
  • Ability to call for help in case of emergency
  • Emotional stability or stress level
  • Forgetfulness and problem solving abilities
  • Personality changes
  • Difficulty caring for their health care needs
  • Increasing fatigue and declining abilities

What kinds of services can a Professional GCM provide?
They can provide many services. GCMs are skilled in providing individual and family consultation, assessing client needs, and working with older adults with chronic health problems and disabilities and families to address each person’s individual needs and goals. Services may include design of personalized care plans for safe living at home, supervision of caregivers, client, caregiver, and family education and training, counseling, recommendations for in-home services or alternative housing, assistance obtaining services, advocacy, long term care planning and referral to other geriatric specialists. GCMs can monitor clients when family members are unable to do so and can act as resources to families. With written request GCMs can assist clients dealing with multiple health and human service providers.

What education do Professional GCMs have?
Members of the Aging Life Care Association (ACLA) have specialized education and clinical experience in fields that include social work, gerontology, occupational therapy, nursing, or psychology. Certified GCMs with membership in ACLA are committed to adhering to high ethical standards and Standards of Practice.