Care Specialists provides in person and virtual care management services to help you and your family.

Welcome to Care Specialists:
Supporting Aging with Dignity

Beverly P. Horowitz, PhD

beverlyDr. Beverly Horowitz provides personalized geriatric care management services for the Long Island and NYC metropolitan area to assist older adults and families meet their individual needs.

You and your loved ones do not have to face caregiving concerns alone. Dr. Horowitz will work with you to evaluate your loved one’s needs and design a customized program to promote your loved one’s quality of life. Services include comprehensive assessment, consultation, counseling, care planning, and advocacy to help individuals coping with chronic illness, frailty, disability, dementia, or functional decline.

Dr. Beverly P. Horowitz is a NYS licensed social worker, occupational therapist, gerontologist, and educator with 30 years of experience working with older adults, families, and health and human service organizations to support older adults’ health, functional capabilities, quality of life, safety, and well-being.

Individuals, families, and caregivers can contact or call 631.427.3074. Learn how Dr. Horowitz can give you peace of mind and help you with your care giving questions and needs.

Health, human service organizations, contractors and designers can contact Dr. Horowitz at or call 631-427-3074 to learn about services to address your needs. Services include: staff education, fall prevention, programs to promote health, functional abilities, and quality of life, and environmental assessment and recommendations for modifications to support safety, abilities and aging in place.

Ethical Standards

Dr. Beverly Horowitz and Care Specialists pledge adherence to the highest professional ethical standards in accord with the Aging Life Care Association’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Dr. Horowitz promises to provide assessment of your needs prior to developing your care plan, an explanation of your care plan and costs of services, support of your goals and self determination, adequate notice about terminating services, and pledges to provide services to individuals/ families regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.